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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swingin' By Swingles

Swingin' By Swingles
9" x 12" acrylic on canvas
available: $65 + $10 USPS or free local pickup
email: libbyfife@ymail.com

It sometimes happens that I am just attracted to the idea of something. In this case for this piece, I was attracted to that cow sign. Or, I guess it may be a steer. How did they ever get it up there? Come to find out, fiberglass animals are a big advertising idea. Who knew?

This business is located in Amador County which is the next county over. Even though this project is centered on all things Calaveras, there is a tie in here to Amador. One of the charms of our county is that we have consciously chosen a policy of low growth. This means that we are not overpopulated with big box stores, traffic, and congestion. Amador county is a little different in that they have allowed in larger businesses. Despite this, the county remains peacefully open and not overrun with much of anything. And in comparison to the Bay Area where I am from, both counties are blissfully bucolic and tranquil.

I originally chose this business because of the sign and building but as I considered things, a small home grown business such as this is so necessary regardless of what county it is in. Supporting the efforts of small businesses so that they continue to operate is what gives a small rural county like this its character. Sure, we have a few larger stores to go to but having smaller businesses where you may know the owners is really priceless. It feels good to purchase from them. And that is why I think even though this store is specific to my area, the idea of it can be generalized to other parts of the country.


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